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Spiritual Realm “Covid 19” Message To The World

Spiritual Realm “Covid 19” Message To The World

Around the years 6BC and 4BC. The world was in deep corruption. The conditions barbaric and inhuman for man to

live under.

Kings and Rulers had no direction of

spiritual connection. Those that did would be put

to death. God saw this world unfit. Until he decides

to make his words an appearance! "Jesus"

1 Peter 5:8

Be sober, be vigilant; Because your adversary the

devil, as a roaring lion walketh about, seeking

whom he may devour.

Satan could not be, if evil men did not obey.

Since the beginning of time Leaders


Governments have been connecting to the dark

demonic spiritual realm. Now they use the spiritual

realm to do satan work here on earth. They have

utilized the dark spiritual realm to create a one

world order. This plot is to destroy all of God's

creation. Governments and leaders are all in on

the plot to overthrow the kingdom of God.

This book will open the eyes of many. To see how

we stare Satan in the eyes daily. Unwilling but

Participating in a demonic structure around us.

We deal with spiritual warfare within ourselves. We

fight the principalities of Good and Evil. Our life

revolves around the spiritual realm. It's time for all

God's people to wake up and realize. That we are

all accountable for what happens on earth and in

‹PIpITlal pEAlM

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